Robbery on San Francisco freeway captured


A San Francisco smash-and-grab caught on video is giving new meaning to the term “highway robbery.”

As a Prius sat Friday in a traffic backup just before the Bay Bridge on-ramp, a man jumped from a nearby Honda, smashed the Prius’ back window, grabbed a dark bag and sped off.

The incident was captured by the dashcam of a Tesla just behind, the Prius, NBC Bay Area reported.

The Tesla driver, identified only as Alex, was headed home on I-80 East toward Oakland around 4 p,m. He recalls how shocked he was.

“I was scared when I saw that because I thought the guy might look at me, realize that all Teslas record and pull out a gun,” Alex told NBC News. “Thankfully, that didn’t happen.”

And although he was a bit nervous to approach the pair who had jumped out of the Prius, he knew he needed to show them the footage.

“The couple was distraught,” Alex said. “I knew by their reactions that whatever was in their bag was their livelihood.”

According to a gofundme for the Prius driver, a real estate photographer, and his wife, the bag contained photography equipment and a drone, with a total value of about $7,000.

Since the video hit Twitter, the page has raised more than $4,000 to help the couple.